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Each of us has a unique path to finding our ultimate health.  Our mission at My Health Designer is to provide you the guidance and tools you need to build a plan that works for your body, your mind, and your life!

Design Book

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What is a Health Design?

Design Your Health

Your health is a balance between family, community, work, recreation, personal growth and development. Everyone has a unique lifestyle combination to fine tune.  Our programs are designed for your life, your needs and your health!

Corporate Programs

Wellness designs for your employees.  

Your health design is a customized plan of action to build the wellness lifestyle you desire.  Long term health results are achieved when we enjoy our choices and feel good about our success. Our Design Book will guide you through every aspect of your daily life, adding healthy options you truly enjoy!  We provide you information and resources to empower your life with health.

Wellness Homes

Wellness products for your home!  

Professional Health & Wellness Designs